Our Exercise Physiologists are specialists at prescribing personalised exercise plans for everyone, irrespective of age, illness or injury.

We stay up to date with evidence based best practice to prevent injury, rehabilitate existing injuries, and/or manage chronic health and wellness issues. Our Exercise Physiologists have a diverse knowledge and skill-set, allowing them to work with you across many different health pathologies and injuries.

Interventions typically include education; advice and support with the goal of create lasting lifestyle changes.

What does an Exercise Physiologist do?

Exercise Physiologists provide physical activity and behaviour change support for clients with chronic conditions such as:
• Diabetes
• Cardiovascular disease
• Obesity
• Physical injuries
• Joint and musculoskeletal pain
• ME/Chronic Fatigue
• Osteoporosis
• Depression
• Cancer
• Arthritis

Exercise Physiologist supervises patient doing squats

What services are offered?

Initial consultation

The Exercise Physiologist will always commence with a one on one consultation to review your medical history, physical limitations and personal requirements that assist with prescribing a suitable exercise plan. The plan may include regular reviews, regular functional re-assessments, in clinic and or home based exercise programs. Each plan will vary and will be individually tailored to personal requirements.

Health & fitness assessments

If practical to do so, our Exercise Physiologist will undertake base line measures of functional variables such as aerobic fitness, strength, flexibility, joint range of motion, balance, core strength and resting metabolic rate, to help monitor progress, review program effectiveness and assist with motivation.

Individual follow up consultations

Reviews are undertaken as necessary and allow for progress and / or modify the initial plan.

Home exercise plans

Programs are tailored to suit individual needs and goals, and will be practically applied to your daily life.

Supervised group sessions

Each AEP clinic offers many supervised group exercise sessions at various times throughout the day from Monday to Friday, including some after hours options. The sessions are a cost effective way for each individual to undertake their own personalised program under the supervision of an Exercise Physiologist, while at the same time offer a supportive, safe, encouraging and friendly environment.

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