Exercise Physiologists

Reuben Vanderzalm
Reuben VanderzalmAccredited Exercise Physiologist / Director
Reuben has over 15 years’ experience as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist in a variety of clinical settings including the Royal Adelaide Hospital’s Centre for Physical Activity in Ageing, numerous GP clinics and private practice. Reuben is passionate about helping others achieve optimal health and quality of life, by providing education, support and above all a comfortable inclusive environment for the delivery of exercise treatments.
Chris Ftinogiannis
Chris FtinogiannisAccredited Exercise Physiologist / Director
Chris is one of the directors of AEP Health Group with over 16 years experience as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist. Commencing his career in 1996 at RAH’s Centre for Physical Activity in Aging, he was responsible for cardiac and stroke rehabilitation programs until 2006 when he established AEP Health Group with Reuben Vanderzalm.
Sara Slayman
Sara SlaymanAccredited Exercise Physiologist
Sara has been working in chronic disease management since completing university in 2006 and has developed a wealth of experience in many clinical conditions. Sara has a passion for helping people especially in areas of weight loss and bariatric surgery.
Skye Cibich
Skye CibichAccredited Exercise Physiologist
Skye has been working at AEP since 2008. She has had extensive experience working with a wide variety of clients with chronic health conditions. Skye has experience working in GP clinics, home and private consulting environment.
Thomas Pretlove
Thomas PretloveAccredited Exercise Physiologist / Woodville Clinic Manager
Thomas has been employed with AEP since May 2009. Prior to this he completed clinical training at the Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre where he gained experience with patients with multiple chronic diseases and co-morbidities.
Caelum Schild
Caelum SchildAccredited Exercise Physiologist / Edwardstown Clinic Manager
Caelum has over 10 years of experience as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, including hospital rehabilitation, private practice and within GP clinics. He enjoys helping a wide range of clients and patients achieve their quality of life and health-related outcomes through exercise prescription and education. Caelum specialises in helping those with cardio-metabolic and autonomic nervous system conditions (including POTS and ME/CFS), along with musculoskeletal and cancer rehabilitation.
Keith Whitcher
Keith WhitcherAccredited Exercise Physiologist / Noarlunga Clinic Manager
I commenced working with AEP Health Group in 2011 where I have gained experience in prescribing and delivering exercise for management of chronic conditions including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, PTSD and weight management. My goal is to support and empower individuals to make sustainable lifestyle changes through implementing gradually progressive exercise routines and ensuring that exercise programs are individualised. Personally, I enjoy staying active, reading and spending time with my wife and 3 boys.
Adam Browne
Adam BrowneAccredited Exercise Physiologist / Ridgehaven Clinic Manager
Adam started working at AEP Health Group in 2014 after completing his post graduate studies in Clinical Exercise Physiology where he specialised in Multiple Sclerosis rehabilitation and in Strength and Conditioning. Adam has continued to progress his knowledge in these areas and developed vast understanding of exercise prescription working with a variety of clientele from athletes to the elderly.
Crista Reid
Crista ReidAccredited Exercise Physiologist
Crista is an experienced practitioner of over 8 years’ experience helping people with a diverse range of co morbidities. She delivers biopsychosocial, holistic and individualised patient care to result in optimal goal outcomes. She has completed professional development in respiratory conditions and enjoys educating and motivational interviewing techniques to ensure lifelong exercise adherence and enjoyment.
Sam Rollison
Sam RollisonAccredited Exercise Physiologist
Sam has been employed at AEP Health Group since the beginning of 2016. Prior to this, working as an Exercise Scientist, Sam gained experience working with a number of clients of a range of fitness levels and goals.
Tom Adler
Tom AdlerAccredited Exercise Physiologist
Tom joined the AEP team in 2018 and has gained experience working with a wide variety of clients with chronic diseases, co-morbidities musculoskeletal rehabilitation throughout both clinic and hydrotherapy environments. Tom has interest in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and clients dealing with chronic pain. His friendly and positive nature allows him to build great client rapport and help set them on the correct path towards improved health levels and optimum recovery.
Eliza Inglis
Eliza InglisAccredited Exercise Physiologist
Eliza started working at AEP in the middle of 2018 after previously growing her clinical skills independently in the Barossa region. Eliza has a special interest in weight management, metabolic concerns and women’s health.
Sidney Vanderzalm
Sidney VanderzalmAccredited Exercise Physiologist
Sidney has been with AEP since the start of 2019, with a love for getting clients with chronic conditions back doing tasks they through they could no longer do. Her friendly and understanding nature allows her to build great rapport to assist clients implement changes to form healthier lifestyle habits, and to improve physical and mental health.
Eleni Trikaliotis
Eleni TrikaliotisAccredited Exercise Physiologist
Eleni began working at AEP Health Group in 2019 after completing her studies through the University of South Australia. Eleni has gained clinical experience and knowledge throughout her placements in private practice, GP clinics and rehabilitation centres in 2018.


Matt Summers
Matt SummersAccredited Practising Dietitian & Accredited Sports Dietitian
Matt started working at AEP in 2016. Matt believes in evidence based, individualised nutrition advice with specific expertise in weight management, diabetes, performance sports nutrition, irritable bowel syndrome, cardiovascular disease and weight gain in malnourished individuals. Matt is currently the Dietitian for Adelaide United’s W-League team and Research Dietitian in the intensive care unit at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, with a strong in interest in nutritional recovery following acute illness.
Mattea Palombo
Mattea PalomboAccredited Practising Dietitian
Mattea started working at AEP in 2018. Mattea has six years’ experience working in both the hospital and community settings. She has completed her Master’s in Public Health and Sports Dietitian course in 2017. Her areas of interest are weight management, plant based eating for vegans and vegetarians, Type 2 Diabetes, High cholesterol, IBS & FODMAP Diet, Eating Disorders, Non-Diet and HEAS approach, Malnutrition in the elderly and sports nutrition.
Kaitlin Ellis
Kaitlin EllisAccredited Practising Dietitian
Kaitlin started working at AEP in 2019. She has experience as both a hospital and community Dietitian. Kaitlin believes there is not a one size fits all approach to healthy eating, and believes it is important that all advice should be tailored to individuals based on their social, emotional and nutritional needs.


David Sadauskas
David SadauskasPhysiotherapist
David completed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of South Australia in 2014. He believes in a goal-based approach to management and that everyone should have an opportunity to understand why they’re in pain and what they can do about it.
Leander Pronk
Leander PronkPhysiotherapist
Leander started working for AEP in 2019. After graduating from the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam in 2010, Leander gained experience in treating musculoskeletal, sports related and spine related issues. Leander holds to master’s degrees, in Manual Therapy and in Sports Physiotherapy and is passionate about the treatment of persistent pain conditions, promoting a healthy lifestyle and improving quality of life.

Office Staff

Our office staff will be your first contact with AEP. They are always more than happy to assist you with any queries offering high quality, professional and friendly service.

Tanya Martens
Tanya MartensOffice Manager
Tanya started working at AEP Health Group in 2012 and has experience in all aspects of health administration including bookings and accessing services for NDIS Participants. Tanya manages the day to day running of the office and our friendly team of reception and admin staff.
Melissa Papesch
Melissa PapeschReception
Rochelle Shannon
Rochelle ShannonReception
Jessica McEvoy
Jessica McEvoyReception
Caitlin Hawkins
Caitlin HawkinsReception