AEP Health Group, via our Practitioner Connect Program, aim to simplify the telehealth process while maintaining the best possible outcomes.

The program offers participants fast and convenient access to highly trained Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists experienced in early intervention and injury management. A focus on promoting active management is the cornerstone in helping achieve a reduction in lost time injuries and RTW claims.

The team at AEP Health Group offer remote treatment for injured workers. Our team can also assist in managing treatment interventions in situations where regional providers are required to assist with face-to-face treatment, by providing and relaying all important information between the employer, the injured worker and the local treating team.

A streamlined telehealth triage service is used to enable a quick and effective review of any injury, ensuring it is appropriately managed and set up for a successful outcome from the very start. The referral process can be completed entirely online or via direct communication with AEP central reception.

Practitioner connect program outline

  • Ready access to Accredited Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists experienced in return to work
  • Provide triage for all types of injuries
  • Development of treatment plans for effective return to work
  • Research based advice and education to optimise outcomes
  • Use of Physitrack exercise and rehabilitation platform providing personalised exercise programs with video access
  • Strong relationships with regional providers
  • Comprehensive treatment management service for regional workers
  • Timely communication to all stakeholders

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