Manual Handling & Ergonomic Assessments

Manual Handling Workshops have been organised by our Physios for a wide range of businesses. This is a great resource for any workplace where employees are required to perform manual tasks on a daily basis. We educate employees on the safest ways to perform their daily tasks, to lower the risk of workplace injury. Ergo_Assessment.jpgOur workshops are tailored specifically to the needs of your workplace, so training is practical, relevant and successful.


Worksite assessments can be performed for RTWSA where requested. We can generate a detailed report, including our recommendations, for the benefit of all involved parties.


Ergonomic assessments are aimed at improving the functionality of your workspace, to help prevent occurrence of injury as a result of repetitive activities or poor posture. Often minor adjustments to a desktop workstation can make a big difference to neck, shoulder and lower back pain, related to a poor ergonomics.

If you are a business interested in utilising these services, please contact us for more information.