Active Exercise Rehab

The use of manual treatment techniques may be required to assist in restoring function or reducing pain initially. Studies show however, that an active management plan, through prescribed exercises is most effective at reducing pain and maintaining function for chronic issues.

We specialise in exercise prescriptiowebsite_exercise_upper_body_LOWRES.jpgn for rehabilitation and ongoing management of acute and chronic issues. This can be an individual or combined program using expertise from our Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists. A personalised exercise program can be tailored to your individual lifestyle, with the ability to complete at home, outside, in the pool or at our supervised exercise groups.

Your program can be sent to you via email, or sent with you in hard copy format with detailed pictures and exercise descriptions so you can always be sure of what you need to do to get the best results.


You have an important role to play in your rehabilitation:

The role of the Physio is to provide you with a personalised, tailored plan to fit around your lifestyle and/or level of ability. The role of the patient is to undertake the exercises or other recommendations to the best of their ability, as required by the Physio. This only works with a commitment from our patients to invest time and energy into their health. We understand life gets busy, and that you may have other obstacles impeding your road to recovery. Our Physios are always available to discuss how we can work through these obstacles together, to make sure you get the most out of your time with us.