Health & Fitness Age Assessments

health ageAEP now offer you the means to accurately assess your true health and fitness age. “Health Screen Pro” is the latest and most comprehensive health screening tool available and assesses a host of variables that are important for long term health, fitness and wellbeing.

Your personal measures of blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, flexibility, a range of strength measures, lung function, anthropometry, balance, reaction time, aerobic fitness testing (maximal and several sub-maximal choices) and lifestyle habits are compared to corresponding national norms for 5-year age/gender slices.

A final “health age” is calculated from your personal measures, and a corresponding report is generated for you to keep for reference. The benefits of a “Health Screen Pro” assessment include:

  • Quantify your true health status
  • Identify areas of your function that may require attention
  • Similarly, identifies areas that are good
  • Identify lifestyle habits that are detracting from your health
  • Motivate you to improve your health and fitness
  • Motivate you to obtain a health age lower than that of your actual age
  • The program allows for “what if” scenarios to make goal setting easier and practical


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