Diabetes Clinic Services

diabetes1AEP’s Diabetes Clinic offers an advice and support service if you have either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Both the Dietitians and Exercise Physiologists work collaboratively to ensure appropriate lifestyle modifications are advised to ensure you enjoy improved diabetes management and long term health outcomes.

Along with pharmaceutical intervention, dietary compliance and adequate physical activity are two of the three cornerstones of effective diabetes management. While Diabetes is generally a progressive medical condition, healthy lifestyle changes and long term adherence can slow and sometimes halt the progression of diabetes, and in all cases compliment any diabetic pharmaceutical intervention.

All advice and prescribed lifestyle modification that is advised to you, while personalised, is based on the best practice recommendations for diabetes management advised by the Dietitians Association of Australia and Exercise Sports Science Australia.


Diabetes Management Services :

AEP’s standard diabetes management service requires four visits to complete. After this, services can be accessed as you personally require and vary depending on factors such as medical history complexity, motivation levels, progress, adherence to the program and the level of support you want or need.

A dietitian and an exercise physiologist will individually tailor a physical activity schedule and food plan that will result in improved diabetes management if adhered to. They will firstly review your medical history, physical limitations, eating and exercise likes and dislikes, your current diet and physical activity habits. This information is used to guide the prescription of a meal plan and physical activity schedule that will result in improved diabetes management that is suitable, realistic, practical and most importantly healthy.

Four visit program:

Visit 1: Exercise Physiology Appointment (60 min)

Review of medical history, current lifestyle, physical limitations and the measure of some basic functional measures relevant to diabetes management. You will also be set up with a monitor to measure your next week’s physical activity level.

Visit 2: Dietitian Appointment (60 min)

Review of your current diabetes management, weight and weight history if affecting your diabetes. Setting goals for blood glucose readings and weight if applicable. Your filled in food diary is used to assess your current diet with a particular focus on quality of overall diet and carbohydrate foods, with recommendations for improvement provided.

Visit 3: Exercise Physiology Appointment (30 min)

Data from the movement monitor is assessed, and an appropriate physical activity schedule is prescribed in line with evidence best practice guidelines for diabetes management..

Visit 4: Dietitian Appointment (30 min)

Review of your progress and set goals. Education provided on important diabetes specific points of interest such as glycaemic index and label reading.



Type 2 diabetes 8 week group program outline :

This service is undertaken at all of the AEP clinics and aims to improve Type 2 diabetes management through practical exercise and education in a small supportive group setting over 8 consecutive weeks.

Prior to commencing the 8 week group program you need to undertake an initial 1:1 consultation with one of our exercise physiologists. At this consultation they will develop your own personalised exercise program that you will undertake each week in the 8 week Type 2 Diabetes group session.

Each week after you complete your personal exercise program, the small group is brought together for a casual 15 minute education session on a range of topics that are relevant to exercise and type 2 diabetes management.

The group programs are an enjoyable, relaxed and informative way for you to improve your diabetes management in a supported and cost effective way.



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