Athletic Assessments and Services

athleteAEP offers extensive Fitness Testing for a range of clients, from aspiring athletes to social competitors. Our services are provided by Accredited Exercise Physiologists who utilise the latest testing equipment to provide comprehensive functional assessments. Individual or team sports can be accommodated and the testing individualised to the sport’s requirements. AEP completes tests such as VO2max, Lactate Threshold, Resting Metabolic Rate Testing, Sport Specific Testing (including Vertical Jump, Sprints, Agility, Beep Test and time trials), Body composition (fat mass, muscle mass, bone mass) and a full range of strength assessments.

Your exercise physiologist will collate your test results before discussing them and comparing your measures according to age, gender, sport and comparative athletes. After your results and future goals are discussed, some practical recommendations and if required modifications to your training program will be advised.

Review assessments are undertaken at a frequency specific to each individual athlete depending on a range of factors that will be discussed in depth with your exercise physiologist. Some want to review the effectiveness of a specific training block, while others simply want to see how they compare on an annual basis.

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Resting Metabolic Rate :

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR): 50 minute appointment This test will determine your daily calorie intake requirements, which is crucial for individualised weight loss / management strategies. Metabolic processes in the body require energy and are unique and differ between all individuals. To ensure a weight loss solution is tailored to your personal requirements, measuring RMR is the only place to realistically start. The rate at which these processes occur is measured in calories per unit of time, and is most often given in calories per day. This measurement due to its importance is the centre piece to AEP’s weight loss services.


VO2max testing :

VO2max testing: 50 minute appointment VO2max testing is the “Gold Standard” in measuring an individual’s Aerobic Fitness. The body’s maximum rate of oxygen consumption depends on the integration of several physiological systems – respiratory, circulatory and cellular metabolic. Considering this, the measurement of Vo2max is used in many settings including clinical exercise science and medicine, as well as athlete testing, as an indicator of overall cardiorespiratory function/fitness; it can indicate how quickly oxygen can be used for energy at a high intensity. Combining this accurate information with recent athletic performances an athletes training programs can be analysed and modified for potential performance improvements. Testing options at AEP include treadmill and cycling VO2 max tests.


V02 and Lactate Testing :

V02 and lactate threshold testing: 60 minute appointment Anaerobic Threshold is determined when the rate of lactate production exceeds the rate of lactate clearance. This occurs during exercise of high intensities and therefore is ideal to assess in combination with a Vo2max test. In untrained people, the lactate threshold typically occurs at around 50%-60% of their Vo2max. Elite endurance athletes may not reach lactate threshold until closer to 70%-80% of Vo2max. An anaerobic threshold test identifies personalized training zones for optimum exercise intensities and training workloads for your current fitness level. Testing options at AEP include treadmill and cycling lactate threshold tests.


Team Sport Testing :

Our sports testing program enables the main fitness characteristics of your given sport to be assessed can be tailored to suit the needs of your chosen sport or club. We currently test individuals on a one to one basis from our clinic locations, but in 2015 will have the capacity to undertake the same assessments for whole teams on site at their training venues. The testing available includes:

Beep Test or time trials of varying distances

Vertical Jump and power tests

Sprint tests of varying distances

Agility Tests (such as Illinois)

Muscular strength tests

Muscular endurance tests

Flexibility tests

Post testing, the exercise physiologist will analyse the discuss the results and compare with normative data. The results can be used to highlight both strengths and weaknesses in individuals or across a team and aid in the preparation of training by consolidating areas to focus on.


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