Tuesday, 17 November 2015 03:44

All Wrapped Up For Christmas

With gift shopping top of mind three weeks out from Christmas, the country’s peak nutrition body is urging Australians to consider ‘healthy’ gifts for family and friends.


Dietitians Association of Australia spokesperson, Katie Thomsitt, recommends people think outside the box when it comes to Christmas presents. 


‘Christmas is often a time when people struggle to maintain their weight and health, so why not spoil those around you with a health-inspired gift to help them start the New Year on the right foot,’ said Ms Thomsitt, an Accredited Practising Dietitian.



Top gift ideas from the Dietitians Association of Australia:


·         A healthy hamper of:

o   Seasonal fruits like mango, apricots, berries and cherries

o  Mixed nuts and dried fruits, like dates and apricots

o   Gourmet pantry staples, like dried pasta, wild rice and exotic legumes

o   Condiments like chutneys, relishes, tapenades, dried herbs and spices

·         Scented herbal teas in pretty cloth bags

·         Pots of herbs (or even a mushroom farm!)

·         Planters with seeds for summer garden favourites, like strawberries or tomatoes

·         Flavoured vinegars and healthy oils

·         Healthy cooking classes

·         Decorative jars filled with unsalted raw or roasted nuts

·       Kitchen gadgets such as a steamer, non-stick pan, apple corer, grill – or even a set of smaller plates (ideal for better portion control!).