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Weight Loss Program


Evidence Based Weight Loss Program - Adelaide

AEP Health Group (formerly Adelaide Exercise Physiology) specialise in weight loss advice for overweight and obese people in Adelaide, South Australia. Their weight loss program assists clients with realistic weight loss by implementing long-term lifestyle change.pedom-white.jpg

AEP’s weight loss clinic locations are:

  • Northern Adelaide (Ridgehaven)
  • Inner Southern Adelaide (St Marys)
  • Outer Southern Adelaide (Noarlunga)
  • Western Adelaide (Woodville Park)

We pride ourselves on delivering clients the facts about weight loss. We don’t make things sound easy, just to sell a product or our service, weight loss isn’t easy. However, it is made much easier when you are provided with the right education and support. Our approach to weight loss is based on clinical evidence conducted through medical weight loss research. Most clients we see have tried to lose weight previously and either haven’t succeeded or have, and then put the weight back on months or years after.


Weight loss program outline

The first step of the weight loss service is to calculate resting metabolic rate, often called metabolism. Usually this is done by estimating your metabolism. This is accurate enough for afitbit.jpgbout two-thirds of the population, however some people differ significantly and require more specialised assessment. For instance, women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and insulin resistance, on average, expended 40% less energy at rest then the control group. In this case, 40% of the energy is over 750 calories per day! It is not a surprise that these women found it extremely hard to lose weight!

In order to accurately measure metabolism, AEP use a FitMate Pro analyser. This machine analyses the exhaled air to provide a very accurate metabolic rate measurement. It is a very easy test that is performed in a relaxed, reclined position to ensure complete rest is achieved. The test takes approximately 15-20 minutes and provides an instant measurement of your metabolism.

The only thing left to measure now is activity. In order to do this accurately you will need to use an accelerometer-style pedometer/activity tracker. These come in various different forms, ranging from the Omron-style pedometers (white) to Fit-Bit-style activity trackers (black) and everything in between. The good thing about these step-trackers is that they can be worn just about anywhere – around your neck on a chain, in a pocket, on your wrist or even tucked into a bra. Be aware the basic style pedometers (blue-grey) are very inaccurate and the only place you can wear them is on the seam line of your trouser waistband, which they tend to fall off easily.


Now your metabolic rate and activity has been accurately calculated, it provides a very accurate measurement of total energy expenditure. This measurement is crucial. In order to lose weight, the Dietitian will prescribe a 7-day meal plan to ensure you eat less then this number of calories. This will lead to weight loss. Depending on how much weight you have to lose, the rate of weight loss may be as little as 1kg per 30 days and as much as 1kg per week. The important thing is that you want to change very little about your diet and activity habits to ensure long term success. As your body adapts to the change, you can then gradually increase activity and further reduce intake as required. If someone changes their lifestyle drastically in a short period of time, they will lose weight and generally this will happen very quickly. What happens though when they can’t restrict themselves any longer? They return to their previous habits and all the weight goes back on. Sound familiar?


The weight loss program/service requires 2 initial appointments with both the Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist. Any further appointments will be booked on an as-needs basis if you require additional motivation or alterations to your lifestyle.

Please don’t hesitate to contact AEP reception on 8244 0450 if you require further information or want to book an appointment. Alternatively, visit our weight loss program page for details including pricing and consult lengths.