Wednesday, 01 June 2016 05:49

Type 2 diabetes: weight loss surgery should be a standard treatment, experts say

Weight loss surgery for most considering it and even for some health professionals seems like a ‘last resort’ option in the weight loss spectrum. Even Diabetes Australia in this article, recommends surgery to be a last resort therapy and only considered for those with a BMI over 35-40 with obesity related medical condition.

However working with the team at Adelaide Obesity Surgery since 2008, and seeing the results first hand of those patients committed to changing heir lifestyle, I agree more so with Professor Dixon in this article; in that not giving patients the opportunity to consider surgery for weight loss is ‘discriminating and stigmatising’. I often hear from clients that when they tell their family and friends about having surgery, they often have asked them; can’t you just cut out junk food and go to the gym?? It’s very important to understand that weight loss surgery is not a quick fix and BMI is not the only factor that makes clients eligible for surgery. Critics in this article argued that surgery ‘could be seen as a quick fix and derail efforts to encourage lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise to manage the condition’. I work at AOS for Dr Justin Bessell, along side a great, specialist team of bariatric GPs, bariatric dietitians, a psychologist and of course friendly administration which help people understand the rigorousindex.jpg effort they need to put in before they are even considered for surgical intervention.

Weight loss surgery is hard work and that’s why we have built our reputation on our compulsory and paired lifestyle program, providing clients with long term support they need on their journey to great health! Clients are seen well before they even meet with the surgeon by each member of the team to ensure they are aware of what will give them the best outcomes after surgery, that being diet, exercise and of course psychological readiness!!! They are introduced to an individualised exercise program to improve their fitness and lifestyle habit before surgery to assist their recovery and long term weight loss. Clients are also given dietary advice and a plan before their surgery to ensure that they are ready for the changes they need to make for long term weight loss, fitness and health, just like any other weight loss intervention.

Weight loss surgery is a tool and a weight loss support. It needs lifestyle change and commitment to work. We at Adelaide Obesity Surgery and AEP Health Group understand that surgery is not for everyone, but for those considering it; we are here to support you.

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Sara Slayman AEP