Tuesday, 22 December 2015 03:25

Tips To Stay Healthy This Festive Season

With the festive season fast approaching, our staff have put together some of their finest tips to stay healthy until the New Year!

“Routine, routine, routine!!!”

Formulate a routine that works for you and stick to it. If required, pre-enter your exercise/physical activity into your diary at if it was an appointment you need to attend. This will help you to become accountable for your exercise and physical activity during a very hectic time of the year.




“Don’t remove your activity monitor!”

Often people will not wear their pedometer or activity tracking device (fitbit, garmin etc) if they know will have a bad day. Instead, use this low day (which we will all have) as motivation to have a “better then normal” day tomorrow. Remember, it’s the average activity level across the whole week/month that counts, not just the one bad day!”

Caelum Schild, Accredited Exercise Physiologist


“Don’t think, just do it”

When it comes to exercise it is too easy to talk ourselves out of it. This is where the lack of motivation stems from. Instead of wasting time thinking about it, use your time more wisely to just do it!

Crista Reid, Accredited Exercise Physiologist


“Holidays aren’t an excuse”

Too often we use holidays as an excuse to make unhealthy choices. We know if we are mindful about our choices we can still have a great time, without the stress of compromising our health. Negotiate your goals into your day, prioritise your health and make plans to combat temptation! A little will be much more enjoyable than a lot, especially when dealing with the consequences.

Tierney Sheridan, Accredited Practicing Dietitian


“Fill up on the healthy foods on offer first”

Holidays often feel like a time when a high proportion of unhealthy foods. This should not be the case. Fill your plate with healthier options and fill up on the good stuff. If you are going to a function – don’t take the risk, have a healthy snack before going to a function, so that you aren’t over hungry when you get there. Also, think about taking a healthy option with you to share – this way you know there will be at least one available.

Holly Upton, Accredited Practising Dietitian


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