AEP’s Accredited Exercise Physiologists use the latest testing equipment to provide an extensive range of fitness tests for a range of clients, from aspiring athletes to social competitors.

Individual or team sports can be accommodated with sports specific testing requirements. AEP offer a range of testing options, including:

  • VO2
  • VO2 submax
  • Lactate threshold
  • Resting metabolic rate
  • Sport specific (including vertical jump, sprints, agility, beep test and time trials)
  • Strength and flexibility assessments

Your Exercise Physiologist will collate the test results before discussing them and comparing your results to normative data. If required the Exercise Physiologist can also assist with training practices.

Review assessments are undertaken at a frequency specific to each individual athlete depending on a range of factors that will be discussed in depth with your Exercise Physiologist. Some want to review the effectiveness of a specific training block, while others simply want to see how they compare on an annual basis.

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